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the Web3 Way.

Built to benefit the creator community,
SOURC3 is a Web3-native, decentralized platform for on-chain reputation management.

Join the 


builders who

have claimed their on-chain reputation.

Connect your GitHub to bring your contributions on-chain.


Early joiners will be eligible to receive exclusive benefits including airdrops, and early access to new features and products.

Bring your contributions
on-chain now.

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About SOURC3

SOURC3 is a decentralized, on-chain, censorship-resistant platform for reputation management.


SOURC3 is built the Web3 way: decentralized, open source and equitable, allowing developers to build on-chain reputation by giving provenance to contributions and creating a decentralized identity for software developers.

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About SOURC3

Why on-chain?

  1. Provenance of contributions
    Build a resume with provable records of coding history and project contributions.

  2. Provable reputation
    Developer skills, achievements and proficiencies - independently verified by the SOURC3 Keeper Network.

  3. Sybil resistance
    With a SOURC3 on-chain reputation, it is almost impossible to subvert a developer's on-chain history of contributions.

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Digital Reputation the Web3 way.

Web3 technologies such as blockchains, non-fungible tokens and smart contracts mark a new paradigm for digital reputation.

Web3 technologies can improve existing solutions to digital trust through trustless protocols, and create reputational models that are user-owned, censorship-resistant and provable.

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Why not try this awesome tool and bring your GitHub contributions on-chain ...

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