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the Web3 Way.

Built to benefit the creator community,
SOURC3 is a Web3-native, decentralized platform for on-chain reputation management.

Join the 


builders who

have claimed their on-chain reputation.

Connect your GitHub to bring your contributions on-chain.


Early joiners will be eligible to receive exclusive benefits including airdrops, and early access to new features and products.

Bring your contributions
on-chain now.

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About SOURC3

SOURC3 is a decentralized, on-chain, censorship-resistant platform for reputation management.


SOURC3 is built the Web3 way: decentralized, open source and equitable, allowing developers to build on-chain reputation by giving provenance to contributions and creating a decentralized identity for software developers.

Listen to the OP3N SOURC3 Podcast

About SOURC3

Why on-chain?

  1. Provenance of contributions
    Build a resume with provable records of coding history and project contributions.

  2. Provable reputation
    Developer skills, achievements and proficiencies - independently verified by the SOURC3 Keeper Network.

  3. Sybil resistance
    With a SOURC3 on-chain reputation, it is almost impossible to subvert a developer's on-chain history of contributions.

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Digital Reputation the Web3 way.

Web3 technologies such as blockchains, non-fungible tokens and smart contracts mark a new paradigm for digital reputation.

Web3 technologies can improve existing solutions to digital trust through trustless protocols, and create reputational models that are user-owned, censorship-resistant and provable.


Know Your Developer at SOURC3.

We’re developing a game-changing use case linking decentralized identities, contribution provenance and on-chain metadata to power a new standard that we are calling KYD or “Know Your Developer”.


Join the SOURC3 community on our Discord server to share your thoughts on KYD.


You've made it to the end ...

Why not try this awesome tool and bring your GitHub contributions on-chain ...

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